Goodbye, Nevada; Hello Goodbye, Utah; Hello, Colorado


I am sitting in the living room of a kind stranger found on–that awesome website that connects bike tourists to people opening their homes to us. Showered, laundry drying, and resting now! Owen and I met up with Chris, another 23 year old biking to the east coast. It’s nice to have more company.

Last weekend I got a little food poisoning, so Owen and I spent an extra day with a wonderful German exchange student in Cedar City who we found through couchsurfing. But! We have made up for lost time this week–our all-time high was 119 miles in one day! Utah is BEAUTIFUL. Tomorrow we’ll be in Colorado!

Some differences between Nevada and Utah:

-no casinos in every town in Utah
-I notice fewer bullet holes in the road signs in Utah

Enjoy the photos. I can’t put captions on them, so guess where we are and what we’re doin’!

Also, Owen is way better at blogging than I am: