Sustainable Cycles is a program of Sustainable Streets to promote safe and healthy cycling – from bicycles to menstrual cycles.

Mission: Working to promote personal and global health by providing bicycling and menstruation education. We aim to reduce dependence on combustion engines, disposable products and petroleum-based industries to improve communities and global health.

Where we’ve been:

2015: Southern Route


2015: Mid-country Route 


2015: East Coast Route

2013: San Francisco to New York City



Sarah Konner is a dancer, environmentalist, and menstrual cycle activist. Sarah dances in Brooklyn, New York. In 2011 Toni Craige and I founded Sustainable Cycles, biking down the West coast from Seattle to LA. I am thrilled to see Sustainable Cycles spreading seeds across the country and making connections with brave activists using their voices across the globe.


Toni Craige practices massage therapy, and teaches movement and bodywork classes in Raleigh, North Carolina. She co-founded Sustainable Cycles in 2011. Sustainable Cycles synthesizes many of her deepest values:  responsible consumption and a more intimate and healthful relationship with our bodies.  Most people who use a menstrual cup heard about it from a good friend.  Maybe we can give people the support they need to make the switch: I believe that a person-to-person strategy  can do something that print media and television cannot!


Rachel Horn_headshot
Rachel Horn has ridden 9,000 miles for Sustainable Cycles: SF to NYC in 2013 and LA to Boston in 2015. When she’s not biking for menstrual health, she is pedaling around Los Angeles, volunteering at the Bikerowave, and chilling with her family. The bicycle and menstrual cup are her most vital tools for social change because they help achieve energy independence and reproductive autonomy.


rubybiopicRuby Gertz is an art school admissions counselor and sewing instructor in Brooklyn, NY. She loves crafting, making things, and riding her bike! She volunteers with WEBike NYC, and is in constant pursuit of the intersection of art and feminist activism.

She biked SF to NYC in 2015, promoting body positivity by using menstrual cups to encourage people to get in touch with their own cycles and anatomy. She believes that mainstreaming the menstrual cup could bring about a significant cultural shift away from patriarchal views of women’s bodies.



Rachel Saudek is a cyclist, dancer, and adventurer currently based in the Bay Area. Sustainable Cycles is about claiming freedom in our bodies through health, knowledge, and self-powered transportation, while spreading the love to others! I love getting people together to talk about such a personal yet universal subject. My favorite part of riding is meeting people in all parts of the country who I would never meet otherwise, and getting to be part of such a rad group of embodied activists! 



Sarah Wilson is a creative arts therapist and cycling enthusiast living in Brooklyn NY.

She rode SF to NYC in 2015 because she was thrilled to find an organization that encompasses her passions: cycling, feminism, sustainability, and menstruation. I love being in touch with my body, and helping women explore the many alternative options available to us. Happy cycling!


Rosie cropped hoop

Rosie Sheba is based in Adelaide, Australia, and is the owner and director of Sustainable Menstruation Australia.

She rode Austin to Boston in 2015. Rosie’s background is in evolutionary biology, hydrology, and ecology and she has always been passionate about the interactions between humans and our environment, particularly our water supplies. Rosie became frustrated with the inefficiency in the field of ecological science, and felt she couldn’t make enough positive change through this career path.  Rosie loves blogging, dancing, riding, singing, diving, cooking and reading.



Olive Mugalian grew up in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating high school in 2012 I began a series of various adventures in order to pursue my love of food, music, language, nature, and, of course, biking. Through the magic of the LA bike scene I met the wonderful Rachel Horn. She got me my first menstrual cup, then invited me to bike with her from LA to Boston. And thus I set off for another grand adventure- this time to talk about periods along the way!

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Heather Meehan caught the cycling bug during her 2015 tour with Sustainable Cycles. Prior to that, she’d only ridden a bike in her parent’s driveway. Heather now resides in Brooklyn, where she bikes everywhere, and teaches cooking classes to kids through Allergic to Salad. She is a founding member of Mechanical Gardens, New York City’s first bike co-op, where she helps organize workshops for Women, Trans, and Gender Non-Conforming Folks, and is on a constant quest to improve her mechanical skills. Heather holds  a degree in Creative Writing from Bard College at Simon’s Rock and writes poetry in her spare time.