Austin*, Nevada. Wild Wild West


I am typing on my little iPhone in front of a little a diner in a little town called Austin*, Nevada. Today we biked 70 miles and climbed ’bout 3000 feet. The week has been great! Since last time, we biked over the sierras (except for a 40 mi hitch hike which we won’t talk about), made our way into Nevada, stayed with some wonderful people through a bike tour website called (yes–even you can host cyclists like us in your cozy homes), and did some city park camping.

We are well on our way, have met some mighty friendly Americans, and are stoked to keep going.

After a rain just outside Carson City, NV.




Grapes! It was a nice rest stop at the Middlegate Station–which breaks up the 106 miles between Fallon and Austin.


*Correction: I meant Eureka, Nevada. We biked from Austin that morning.