Sweet Colorado


I write from Littleton, Colorado, where we have spent 5 days vegging out, hanging with my family, and eating delicious Thai food cooked by my uncle! And also exploring Denver a little bit–going on a fun night-time party bike ride, checking out the local bicycle co op, and visiting the biggest REI I have ever entered (it has man-made white water rapids to test out rafts…) Tomorrow we’re off to Boulder, where I’ll be giving a talk at the Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center. Excitement!

The hospitality we have encountered in this state is incredible. We’ve been taken out to dinner, offered showers, places to stay, and have been hooked up by total strangers–one person from warmshowers.org wasn’t in Colorado Springs when we needed a places to stay, but called his PARENTS, and they welcomed us even though they’d never done anything like that before. And, biking into Telluride, we got offered two places to shower within 10 minutes. AND, a woman we met on the Dallas Divide Summit thought to connect us with her friends in Salida a couple of days after we met her. Colorado is treatin’ us great.

Ok! Off to sleep–up in 6 hours to get on the bike again.

And remember, Owen is way better at blogging than I am: odogsodyssey.com


It’s lovely to have so much water to bike by. No more 80 mile stretches of dry desert.



Going from Dolores to Telluride, we biked over a 10,220 foot pass. We slept at a bike mechanic’s house in Dolores–he just invited us to stay after we bought some supplies from him. A great welcome to the state.

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Gunnison, CO. After Utah’s 3% brewskies, the boys and I were glad to enjoy a nice Colorado cold one!


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Monarch Pass Day. Over 11,000 feet tall–our highest summit yet! We almost hit 50mph going down the other side. It’s a good thing our bikes were made for this!

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Very bike friendly mountain towns. Lots of art, lots of creativity, and lots of people who bike over mountains just for fun.