Ruby and Sarah are almost through their first state!

Ruby and Sarah are rocking through Cali! We started by picking up our bikes at the Oakland Amtrak and staying with some fantastic hosts at an Oakland co-op. They had a beautiful garden and fed us well, and took some information about sustainable menstrual products.


Our hosts in San Francisco had a chicken coop and made us homemade eggs. The hills were killer, but we were able to make some good connections and purchase last minute gear at our Sports Basement event.

The next day we took the Vallejo ferry and headed to Lake Solano outside of Davis for the most beautiful biking we have ever done. We rode through rolling green pastures and wine country, and got up to 27mph on some of the downhills! We camped at a park overnight and woke up to dozens of peacocks! In Davis we had a successful event at the US Bicycle Hall of Fame. We met five amazing women, and we were able to check out the “history of the bicycle” exhibit! We saw a 6 person tandem, and a few seriously old “penny farthing” big wheels.

image image

The next day we passed through Sacramento on the American River Bike Trail, which was amazingly beautiful and scenic! We then made our way to Folsom, and YES there is a Johnny Cash memorial there. Our host had cycled 11,000 milast year and helped us plan our next few days through Carson Pass and into Nevada. He even offered to drive us up the steepest mountains of the Sierras, which he said were some “real superhero climbs even without a fully loaded bike.” He dropped us off at the top of Echo Summit, and we rode four miles downhill into Tahoe.

So far we are blown away by hospitality, and willingness to discuss reusable menstrual options.

Tomorrow we will decend into Carson City and stay with a host with a young daughter who loves when women cyclists visit. Us too!