Southern Route. Good Start!

Greetings! Rachel and Olive are in Long Beach after a beautiful and easy ride from Los Angeles. We had a great Sustainable Cycles Workshop at The Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse.


Who’s ready to bike  cross country? We are! We had a lovely event at The Bikerowave in Los Angeles on Friday. Goodbye hugs, potluck food, and lots of free menstrual cups.


It was a grey start to the day, but not much rain. We are water-proof and ready for puddles. Thank you, @DeFeet for the warm gloves!


The Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse is a trash-to-treasure business. Lisa and Yoshino are an amazing mother and daughter team that run the store. Stop in for any type of art supply that every existed. 320 Elm Ave!


Thank you for a great workshop, ladies! See the woman in the overalls? That’s Frau Fiber. She’s awesome. A super OG feminist activist seamstress craftswoman maker. Long Beach, you got it goin’ on!