Day #1, check

Hey folks,

Day one was yesterday, and was pretty awesome. We took BART (public transit) from Oakland to Concord, and biked 63 miles to Davis. It was smooth riding the whole way–with bike paths and bike lanes, a flat landscape, sunny weather, and a nice ciesta in the afternoon at a park in Dixon. A nice 6 hours of riding, and we’re not too sore today. Owen and I are staying with my friend near downtown Davis–which is such a bike friendly place!! Bike paths everywhere, bike parking everywhere, bike tunnels, nice roads, and even a “press for green light” button at some intersections. Pretty awesome.

Owen and I are very stoked! And we are settling in to our new lifestyle very nicely.


Dipping our back tires into the Pacific Ocean at the Emeryville marina. That’s SF in the back.


The start line: 6:30am on Saturday, May 4. We’ve got a long way ahead of us…


Just look at that smoothness! Great roads the whole way.


A garden work party at my friend’s co op. (I’m sitting in their living room right now).

On the Sustainable Cycles front, I have gotten some great responses from people I’ve been talking to. Many of them already use cups and are really supportive of the project. Others use other methods, but still think what we’re doing is great.

Tomorrow we ride to Sacramento, then to Placerville, then Kirkwood, and onward!

Check out an article about us on the LA Streets Blog, oh yeah.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!