Departure date May 4!

Hey hey from the SF Bay!

Some updates:

Owen had a slight and unexpected health issue pop up, so he has a Dr.’s appt. this week. That pushes our departure date from April 28 to May 4. Cross your fingers that we are healthy and able to start our ride!

The first couple of workshops were awesome. At the Berkeley Free Clinic, we had a great and informative discussion with clinic volunteers and community members. At the California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) convergence at UC Berkeley, Owen and I had about 40 young dreamers attend our workshop–very exciting!

Also, I had the opportunity to check out the Women’s Community Clinic in SF, which is an awesome organization that provides health care for all sorts of women in the area.

I have given out a number of menstrual cups (thank you, DivaCup for the generous donations) to interested women, and have already gotten some response. One woman emailed just to “let you know how pleased I am with this life change!”

It’s exciting, it’s happening, it’s great.