We are just 8 days away from our send-off, and things are coming together fabulously!

We have gotten cups donated by all three of the menstrual cup companies in the US (Diva Cup, the Keeper, and Lunette).  I just got 60 Diva Cups in the mail yesterday– an amazingly quick turn around by Francine Chambers, the founder of Diva Cup– we had our first phone conversation on Thursday morning!  Cups from Lunette and the Keeper will be coming in soon.  We are so excited to have the support of all the manufacturers.

Friends and family have also offered amazing support.  Thanks to:

  • Those of you who donated online– we have raised 900 dollars: enough to eat and fix our bikes comfortably for the trip.
  • My mom and Sarah’s Dad– who are covering our plane tickets with their frequent flier miles.
  • Patrick Fay– who donated 2 sets of panniers and a mini-laptop (!!).

We can certainly still use more donations, but it feels great to have a baseline to work with.  We know we can do the trip without going completely broke.  It sounds corny– but this is a dream come true.  Sarah and I cannot thank you enough for helping to make this trip possible.

*         *         *

In other news:

  • Sarah is writing to all sorts of feminist organizations, radical bookstores/spaces, alternative communities, and yoga studios throughout our route.  It’ll be great to meet these people on our trip.
  • I am sending out a press release to the newspapers along the way.
  • I gave away our first cup yesterday! We will keep track of the age, email address, location, and a few details (when did you first hear of menstrual cups, etc) in a notebook.  A few months later, we can email the whole group and ask them how things are going.