Gathering Support

With the send off for our trip only three weeks away, Toni and I are busy bees, spreading the word about this project to friends, family, advocates for sustainable menstrual alternatives of all kinds, menstrual cup companies, and radical  bookstores/ spaces, yoga studios, food coops, and bike shops along our route.

Toni and I are so excited for this adventure, and to spread awareness about sustainable approaches to menstruation!

Unfortunately, we are not getting quite as much sponsorship as we were expecting, so we still need to raise $800 to make this trip happen.  We are glad that one company, The Keeper, is generously donating 30 cups for us to bring with us to give out along the way, which is the the most important part.

If you are able, consider making a donation.

Toni and I are doing this trip cheap for sure, but we do have some costs to cover including Sarah’s plane ticket, a little bit of bike gear, a little reserve for some inevitable bike repairs, and $4 a day for food per person for 60 days.

We’d also love it for you to “subscribe” to our blog to continue to educate yourself as we keep learning more and get updates about our adventures and misadventures as we roll down the coast.

Thanks for your support, and keep in touch!