Cycling to the SMCR 2017!

We want change. And we want it now! Sustainable Cycles believes that anyone who has, will, or does experience a menstrual cycle deserves access to basic education so that they can make informed choices about their mobility and their menstrual cycle.

This spring 2017, we will send 6 self-supported cyclists to bike thousands of miles to the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research conference in Atlanta, Georgia. We will be demanding space for sustainable transportation on public roads and hosting menstruation workshops in local communities along the way.

As we cycle, we offer workshops about basic menstrual health and bicycle safety for women. We talk to hundreds of people about the environmental, economic, and health benefits of choosing sustainable modes of transportation and menstrual supplies. Our workshops link personal health with sustainability – from menstrual cycles to bicycles.

Since 2011, we have ridden 16,000+ miles in over 30 US states, demanding space for sustainable transportation on public roads and challenging menstrual taboos. This spring marks our sixth tour, our second pilgrimage to The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research conference, and our first time riding internationally.

Vamos unidas con nuestras hermanas latinas porque el movimiento es mundial.  

We cycle through diverse political landscapes and meet people from all walks of life. Through person-to-person interactions, not just comments and likes, we narrow the gap between the ideologies and judgments currently keeping us divided and oppressed.

Disposable menstrual products are wasteful, toxic, expensive, and chained to an industrial system that is NOT good for our communities. In using them, people who menstruate have to spend thousands of dollars, create hundreds of pounds of trash, and expose themselves to harmful chemicals throughout their lifetimes. The 15 billion dollar “feminine hygiene industry” will never admit that the alternatives to their expensive and wasteful products are simple and healthy. We have to do it ourselves. Our workshops link have already inspired hundreds of people across the US to embrace their cycles as a sign of vitality and make the switch to lesser known, non-toxic, reusable menstrual supplies.

Your donation will go to rider scholarships to support our “spokeswomen” on tour, providing them with food, bicycle gear, and emergency repairs as they cycle through communities and provide workshops on their way to Atlanta.

Donate now. Support the movement!