Invitation to Join: Sustainable Cycles Tour 2015


We are planning our grandest adventure yet! Starting in Spring 2015, there will be two or three (or hopefully more!) Sustainable Cycles trips on different routes happening at the same time across the country, all converging at the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Conference in Boston in June.


We are about to embark on a big fundraising campaign for this. We have already gotten 1,000 (!!!!!) cups donated to the tour, and we are working to getting cloth pads and sea sponges donated.  We aim to raise $10,000 with an IndieGoGo campaign to cover the cost of the riders. As we set out planning, we want to extend this invitation out to you or anyone you know who might want to join us!



Bike touring is a rigorous and exhilarating adventure. We expect that all cyclers will agree to live cheaply while riding and take a serious part in our fundraising campaign. You and a partner will design your own route and create your itinerary for where to visit and when. You will be responsible for planning events along your route and publicizing them.  We encourage you to offer your own ideas for fundraising schemes and any ridiculous stunts to catch people’s interest. We will do the job of getting the cups and heading up the fundraising campaign. We will give you all of our educational materials and support you with conversations and mentorship. We will expect you to want to educate yourself about the subject matter through books, research, and conversation aver the coming months.



If you might be interested in joining this wondrous adventure, send and email to with a little about yourself.

Please respond briefly to the questions below by September 1st to indicate serious interest in joining.


1.  What is your background/ passion for sustainability and menstruation?


2. Bike touring can be beautiful and carefree, but also strenuous, unpredictable, and we will be living simply– really simply. Assuming that sentence is exciting and not terrifying, tell us about your experience (or desire for experience) adventuring.


3. What is your experience, if any in public education and/ or grassroots organizing?


4. What makes this the right time in your life to go on this trip?


We believe in this work. It is happening and it is exciting to be slowly, but surely moving the ‘norm’ away from disposable menstrual products and opening public dialogue about menstruation. If you want to take part, we want you to!