Boston, Lost Flag, Help with the NYC Parties!!

I am in Owen’s Aunt’s kitchen in Charlestown in Boston. It rained on us the past couple of days coming in from Albany. But now we are dry, warm, well-fed, and happy.

Since New Hartford, we stayed in a place called Herkimer, NY with a couchsurfing host who contacted us! Her couchsurfing profile was pretty scant, but she said she’d been following our blogs since the beginning of the trip, that she’s a happy cup user, that she’d feed us delicious banana bread, and that she’d give up her bed for us. BUT, that we’d have to wait until she got off work at 9 pm. Sounds creepy, right?! Well, we had our escape route ready and the Walmart parking lot as plan B, but when she got off work and welcomed us home, she turned out to be AWESOME.

This woman is an undercover “menstrual cup evangelist”. Not only has she tried pretty much every menstrual cup on the US and European markets, she has convinced several of her friends and their sisters to use them. And, she stealthily drops these fliers in bathrooms sometimes. Oh yeah, and she makes some of the meanest banana bread I’ve ever eaten.Image


At Earthdance, an awesome space in beautiful mountainous MA. We got to stay a night because Owen’s friend works there. But we had to work 2 hours for it, so we cooked dinner for them! Fine by me! It was so nice to be in a big kitchen stocked with everything imaginable. And I was presented with tall flowers from the garden.Image

In Boston, I got invited to a ‘chat ‘n chew’–a lovely evening of women and delicious soups. To get home, the hostess sent me off with the Boston Bike Map. And I left her with a DivaCup. Sadly, I lost my flag somewhere on Com Ave near Jamaica Plain…it just flew off. Call me if you find it! I’ll try to make another before NYC. Image


The NYC events are coming up, and that is exciting. If you don’t already know, Sustainable Cycles consists of Toni, Sarah, and I. Toni doesn’t live in NYC, Sarah is super busy, and I am in charge of food for the events. I need a kitchen and I need hands! Who can help? Also, if you have any food hookups (like produce, bulk goods, prepared food, bike-powered ice cream churner), talk to me! 310 963 6121

Here are the events:

Invite all friends and try really really hard to get there. ’cause lemme tell ya. It’s gonna be fun. WE’RE ALMOST THERE!