Omaha, Nebraska


I sit in Chris’s childhood home in Omaha, Nebraska. (Chris is the lone biker we’ve been teamed up with since Baker, Nevada). Owen and I biked in yesterday from Lincoln, where we spent a couple of days with a friend of a friend. I held an event at the Indigo Bridge Book Store in a cool part of town. This event was attended by the highest number of male people so far–3! Image

We all circled up and passed around sponges, cups, and cloth pads. Two people were already cup users, but the rest were very new to the idea. 3 women left with new DivaCups to try! Image

Discussing female anatomy. It’s good to have different sexes in the event to give some perspective.


An incredible man and incredible cook! Pepe of Pepe’s Bistro treated us to a delicious vegetarian meal just because he heard we were biking cross country. He helped to start the Lincoln Bicycle Kitchen, an awesome fix-it-yourself bike shop.


A great place to go fix your bike! The Lincoln Bike Kitchen. We got to clean up and tune up for free, wahoo.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be in Chicago in one week. You’ll hear from me then!