Buy a Cup, support Sustainable Cycles

Click this banner to buy a menstrual cup online –  $12.50 will go to Sustainable Cycles!  Perfect holiday gifts…

Reusable Menstrual Cup

Hi Everyone!

It has been almost a year since our ride down the West Coast!  We wanted to check in, share some news, and ask for your support in the next phase of Sustainable Cycles.

Where we are going next:  

  • Make “educator’s packets” with literature, fact sheets, visuals, and samples so that people all over the country and world can do effective education work in their community.
  • Going on another bike trip (funds permitting).
  • Attend the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research conference in summer 2013.
  • Continue to write about our work on our blog.

Give back, and invest in our next steps:  There are many ways to support Sustainable Cycles.  Please continue to tell friends about the project and spread the word.  We also need some funds to make educators packets, and some money in the piggy bank to travel to conferences and go on a bike trip.

Buy a cup: If you buy a Keeper or Mooncup through our website, Sustainable Cycles gets $12.50.

*This is so great!  It advances our mission of getting more people to use cups, and helps support our education work.

*Think about it – do you know any women who don’t use a cup?  Any birthdays coming up?  Can you buy some gifts in advance of the holidays?

*This promotion ends January 1st – please forward this announcement to anyone who might want to buy a cup for themselves or a friend.



GO DIRECTLY TO THE KEEPER’S WEBSITE TO “ORDER A KEEPER OR MOON CUP” – Sustainable Cycles will get $12.50.  Let us know if you have any trouble ordering – call Toni at (919) 219-8100.

Invest in Sustainable Cycles: To decide how much to donate, take into account what you can afford, and these facts:

*$35 – The market value of a cup (which giftees got for free).

*$48 – The amount of money a cup will save you in a year.

*$480 – The amount of money a cup will save you in its 10 year lifespan.

You can donate through PayPal on our website.

How “productive” is Sustainable Cycles: We run on a tight (practically non-existent) budget, and we are proud of it!  Since our trip, all Sustainable Cycles costs (mostly making photocopies) have come out of our pockets, and we do all of our education work for free. We pulled off a 3 month bike trip (including plane tickets, and a new bicycle) with $1,400 and some in-kind donations – most notably the cups, which were generously donated by The Keeper, DivaCup, and Lunette.  Some math:

*We gave away 200 menstrual cups, retail value $7,000.  With a year of use, the cups we gave away will save our giftees $9,600 (considering that most women spend $4/month on throw-away supplies).  Since the cups last 10 years, those cups will save our giftees $96,000 dollars!  

*Think about it – with an investment of $1,400, Sustainable Cycles saved women $96,000 – that is $68 dollars of value for every $1 invested.  Of course it’s not just about money – those cups are reducing waste, and benefiting women’s health.

Help us keep pedaling along by buying a cup, or donating through PayPal.  If you can’t afford a monetary donation right now, that’s OK – we hope you are inspired to keep spreading the word – let us know if we can support you in any way.

All the best,

Toni Craige and Sarah Konner