Help us get on Ellen Degeneres!

Hi everyone,

We really, really, REALLY want to be on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Here’s the fantasy:  we camp in Ellen and Portia’s backyard in LA.  They make us vegan breakfast, then we ride bikes together to the studio where they film the show.  After Ellen tells her enormous audience a bit about our project, we ride our fully-loaded touring bikes on stage and tell the world about menstrual cups, thus multiplying the effectiveness of our trip 100 times.

Help us!  1)  Write Ellen an email telling her why we should be on her show.

2)  Post a comment on her Facebook page (Ellen Degeneres, “public figure”).

Write about:

  • Menstrual cups and how great they are.
    • You love them.
    • They save you money.
    • They are great for the environment.
    • They are healthy (no TSS, no dioxins, no bleaches).
    • How you met us.  Did we give you a cup?  Camp in your yard?  Get a ride in your pickup truck.
  • Explain why the women of the world need to know about this!
    •  Are you glad we told you?
    • Who have you told?

Please take 15 minutes to write to Ellen—this could really have a huge impact.  Every woman who switches to reusables saves 1,000-2,000 dollars and a huge amount of trash.  Ellen’s audience is enormous!

Thanks a lot!